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Mon Jul 27, 2015, 5:20 AM
I am Ronald McDonald and I'm here to see the tapestries!
Sun Jun 7, 2015, 3:26 PM
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Sat May 30, 2015, 10:46 PM
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Thu Nov 27, 2014, 4:23 PM
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Line Art Commission
On the Rooftop Lines by AraghenXD
Simple line work of a character.

Maximum of two Characters. Nothing more.
Flat Colored Commission
On the Rooftop Flats by AraghenXD
Flat Colored.

Maximum of 2 characters.
Fully Shaded Commission
On the Rooftop Shaded by AraghenXD
Fully shaded pic.

Maximum of two characters.
Comic Page Line Art
Fly-Girl TF Comic Commish Lines by AraghenXD
Simple Page Line Art
Flat Colored Comic
Fly-Girl TF Comic Commish Flat by AraghenXD
Flat Colored Comic Page
Full Shaded Comic Page
Fly-Girl TF Comic Commish Final by AraghenXD
Title says it all. XD


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Requests stamp by MeganTheRabbit ....brilliant.


1) I only accept PayPal and Money Orders via mail.

2) I will draw fan art and Original characters. On the mature end, I will do fetish pics usually that of feet and tickling (discuss)

3) One person can take one slot at a time but can also commission three pics and/or two comics. Must pay for both though.

4) Sketching does not begin until payment has been received.

5) Note me the details and be quite thorough. Whenever thing is set, you will need to give me your email so I can send an invoice.

6) If you request a character who's underage for a feet (or ANYTHING that is considered a mature) pic, I will age them to the correct one. NO IF, ANDS, OR BUTS! I don't want to hear it.

7) I will only draw up to Six characters (4 tops for feet pics).

8) And most importantly....DO. NOT. RUSH. ME. Do not ask "where are the sketches/pics" or "are they done yet". You do so, I'll simply work slower on your pic/comic.

9) Symbiotes Hosts do NOT Count as two characters. Symbiotes themselves don't have anatomy. However if let's say Pervy the Symbiote was her "Penny" form alongside Zoe, THEN she'd count as a second character.

10) I can only reserve you a slot for just two weeks.

11) When commissioning me, make sure you know what you want. Constant changes only slows things down.


Prices are here:

Commission Prices by AraghenXD

Progress Chart:

:bulletblack: Hasn't Been Started
:bulletyellow: Thumbnail Sketched (AKA Rough Sketching)
:bulletgreen: Sketched
:bulletred: Photoshop File created.
(1/2 :bulletpink:) Anatomy lined. Halfway point.
:bulletpink: Lined and ready for color.
:bulletpurple: In the Final Stages
:bulletblue: DONE.

The List:

1) For :iconthechitinousteen:
-Page 1 :bulletpink:
-Page 2 :bulletpink:
-Page 3 :bulletpink:
-Pic 1 :bulletpink:
-Pic 2 :bulletorange:
2) For :iconthunder-bolt:
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3) For Anonymous :bulletpink:
4) For :iconrobotnik14:
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5) For :iconarcanephotographer:
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-Page 3 :bulletpink:
-Page 4 :bulletpink:
6) For :iconbiscuitdude:
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-Page 2 :bulletpink:
-Pic 1 :bulletpink:
7) For :iconsephzero:
-Pic 1 :bulletpink:
-Pic 2 :bulletpink:
-Pic 3 :bulletpink:
8) For :iconspikedpsycho: :bulletblack:
9) -OPEN-
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The $5 Deals

1) - Invaderskull1995 :bulletpink:
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-5 :bulletpink:
4) - kd8lmno :bulletpink:
5) - Thunder-Bolt :bulletpink:
6) - spikedpsycho :bulletpink:
7) - ix3manganime :bulletpink:
8) - herpderpius :bulletpink:
9) - NagaTheRomantic :bulletpink:
10) - heman2045 :bulletpink:



Current Extras:

1) Dark Samus Sketch by AraghenXD :bulletpink:
2) Zoe 2015 Profile :bulletpink: (COLORED)
3) Lucy 2015 Profile :bulletpink:
4) Gina 2015 Profile :bulletpink:
5) Deceit Final Design by AraghenXD :bulletpink:


1) "The Upside Down Pamper" Bullet; Pink (With :icondatfilthysora:
2) Just a little rest for Rebecca by DatFilthySora "????" (Monster Collab with :icondatfilthysora:)

Beware the Fly-Girl

#6: Amorphous

Fly-Girl and all characters © Rich W. S.


Maxwell Harris said every foul word in the book as the arresting officer locked him in a cell. Although he was irate about the treatment the NYPD was giving him, Maxwell was more furious of how they were keeping his daughter, Rebecca Harris.

Locked in a cell designed for super humans, Rebecca sat on the floor, wearing only a white towel. To prevent her from bugging out, the sixteen year old wore large steel cuffs binding her hands together and a large chain connected it to the floor. Two similar cuffs were wrapped around her ankles as well. Tears dripped onto a muzzle Rebecca was forced to wear and to make matters worse, the cops had a shock collar placed on the teen's neck.

"I will get you out of this!" Maxwell vowed when Rebecca looked at him with tear filled eyes.


The girl watched as the NYPD dragged Artie into the room and placed him in the same cell as Maxwell.

"What the hell is going!?" Artie angrily demanded to know, seeing the horrid treatment Rebecca was enduring.

"The cops said she attacked Brad Scarlormine and arrested me for lying and obstruction!" Maxwell revealed. After telling him that he was arrested for the same thing, Artie believed, "This has got to be connected to those visions Rebecca's been having." Locking eyes with the restrained Rebecca, he added, "But she came back clean from what the brain reader stated."

"Maybe it's broken."

Everyone watched as Mayor Aaron Martins walked in, one the room was clear. With a devilish grin, he snickered, "How's everyone doing?"

"Aaron? What are you doing here?" Maxwell asked.

"Just checking up to see how all of you are doing after Becky's recent performance," Martins leered at Rebecca who froze at the word Becky, a name only her ex-boyfriend Scott Jerven uses.

"Holy hell," Maxwell along with Artie could only watch as the Mayor transformed into Scott's hellish true self.

Angry, Rebecca tried to change but her sudden movements activated the collar.

"I don't think so!" he frighteningly giggled as Rebecca screamed in pain. Seeing her in agony, Scott laughed, "You feel that? Heh. Of course you do! Let me help." Pulling out a remote, he activated the collar again sending Rebecca into agonized hysterics.

"Wait until I get out of here!" Maxwell roared. Artie meanwhile begged, "You maniac, stop this!"

Letting up a tad on the collar, Scott peered over at Artie.

"Arthur, right? Can I call ya Art?" he inquired. "So you're the new guy Becky's been seeing. I'm pretty sure she mentioned me, right?" Wrapping a tendril around Artie's throat, Scott warned, "Did Becky ever tell you how she SHOT ME and sent my ass falling EIGHTY STORIES to my death?”

Rebecca made a muffled scream as she tried to keep the boy from knowing the truth about Scott’s supposed death. Artie was dumbfounded, “W-What?!”

“Bitch held me at gunpoint and shot me. Lost my footing and down I went,” Scott angrily revealed. “My suggestion to ya: Dump her. Dump her mutant ass before she gets you killed."

Rebecca expected the worst but Artie refused to accept Scott’s side of the events, “I don’t buy it that she did such an act on purpose! I heard how the Devils raided the tower that night. If anything, blame them!”

“Can’t tell if you’re in denial or just stupid,” Scott growled. “Thanks to her, I died!”

"You're not exactly dead!" Artie heatedly observed but the enraged shape shifter barked back, "Yeah but I wish I was! Look at me! I'm a freak! Apparently Becky wasn’t happy enough with just shooting me!"

Observing Rebecca attempting to move, Scott calmly went back to shocking her, "Well then, Art, I’ll just go back to zappin your gal pal!”

"You insufferable maniac! What's the purpose in all this?" Maxwell demanded to know. "If this is some sick revenge plot, you've barely thought this through! Even with all this evidence, you can't hide the truth forever! People will figure out what you're doing!"

Jerven just glared at him, but instead turned his gaze back to Rebecca as she squirmed in her restraints. His smile stretched into a inhumanly manic grin, “Oh your misery is just beginning! First I'll humiliate the Doc and then….." He stopped to think and shrugged, "Oh I'll think of what to do with you!"


"You can't say much about the NYPD when a sixteen year old can slip right past them," Sarah Clarkin humorously though to herself while sneaking into the NYPD building. The teen knew Rebecca would never attack anyone at random and quickly figured it out, much like what Maxwell had warned.

"Scott, you bastard," she seethed. Entering the holding area, Sarah stopped as she heard a sadistic laughter resonate around the room. Peaking around the corner, she placed her hand over her mouth when Sarah witnessed Rebecca's torture at the hands of Scott. The teen watched as the unstable shape shifter assumed the form of a cop to escape the building.

“Now if you don’t mind,” the faker straightened hat, “I’ve got a jewel to steal! I’ve even invited that egghead Scalormine to the gig! Anyone who hates you, Becky is a friend of mine! By the way, don’t expect Rag Boy to be bailing you out.”

He entered the elevator, laughing, “The prick’s locked in his closet!”

Hearing that Scott had trapped Garvin in his closet, Sarah quickly ran off to find him. Her manic race to Garvin’s office unfortunately alerted the cops.

“Not the time!” Sarah always had one thing she enjoyed more than anything: gymnastics. Those skills of hers were put to the test as she evaded the cops and raced into Garvin's office. The teen feverishly flung the door open, revealing a tied up Garvin, much to the NYPD’s shock.

"Hold on!" Sarah quickly grabbed a letter opener from Garvin's and sliced through the muck. The commission hastily stood up and pulled the slime from where his mouth was, forcing Sarah and the others to look away.

"Damn!" the teenaged girl groaned in disgust. Garvin felt parts of his burned face exposed and quickly repositioned the rags that he used to cover his scars. As he did so, Sarah glanced at a taser sitting on his desk, with a sly smile, she quickly grabbed it.

"Sorry," he awkwardly chuckled unaware of the girl stuffing the weapon in her pocket.

"Don't care!" Sarah hurridly yelped, “Rebecca and the others are in the holding area!”

Garvin just cussed as he, Sarah and the others bolted for the lower levels of the precinct.

"He just left!" Maxwell shouted as Garvin kicked the cell block's doors open with Sarah and a few officers not far behind. Rushing over to the super human cell, Sarah alarmingly yelled, "Rebecca!"

After being let out by Garvin, Artie and Maxwell rushed over and saw Rebecca lying on her side unconscious, her body twitching from the multiple collar shocks. Garvin quickly opened the cell and undid the bindings.

"Oh god," Maxwell hurriedly rushed to his daughter's side. Holding her, he begged, "Sweetie, wake up!"

While Artie and Sarah tried to help revive Rebecca, Garvin yelled to the confused NYPD, "Get to the Aztec Jewel unveiling now!"

"But the mayor-" Garvin interrupted a cop and barked, "It's not the mayor! It's the Jerven kid! Oh I know this is insane to ration but the bastard's a shape shifter!"

Hearing his name, Rebecca's eyes shot open and with enraged snarl, she quickly transformed into Fly-Girl. Maxwell frightfully backed away as the mutant staggered to her feet and shook the pain off.

"Where is he?" Fly-Girl growled, her fist clenched.

"City Hall," Garvin barely got through his sentence before Fly-Girl bolted though the station. Acknowledging that they need the real Mayor, Garvin turned to Maxwell and asked, "Care to help me get the real Aaron?"

Maxwell nodded and the two left, leaving Artie and Sarah behind. Devilishly grinning, Sarah went to leave herself but Artie inquired, "Where are you going?"

"I wanna give Scotty boy a little…payback," Sarah smiled evilly. "Care to join me?"

Wanting to help Fly-Girl anyway he could, Artie quickly agreed.


The Mayor straightened his tie up inside a VIP while waiting for the unveiling to begin. In his twisted mind, Martins thought of various ways he could torture Rebecca more. Across from him, a few police officers joked around, unaware of the deception right in front of them. Out of the blue, their radios came on:

"Attention all officers: This is Commissioner Garvin! If you see Mayor Martins, approach with caution! He's an imposter! Repeat, he's a fake!"

Wiping the arrogant smirk from his face, Martins saw the officers looking at him. Fuming on how Garvin got out, Martins realized he forgot one person tightly connected to Rebecca.

"Sarah," he raged.

Without any warning, two jocks quickly knocked the guards out. The faker blinked as Brad took a sip of water. The Jock sat across from him, barely fazed.

“Probably a prank,” the Jock uncaringly assumed and looked at his men. “Make sure that call doesn’t get out to the others. Probably more of the bug’s worshipers trying to disprove cold hard facts.”

The jocks blindly agreed and alerted the other guards to the supposed ruse, effectively putting the building under lockdown.

“Man of action, aren’t we?” Martins laughed, applauding as he and the jock were now alone. Brad’s calm demeanor never changed, relaxing in the chair. The jock cracked a sly smirk, “I knew something was up with you. My grandfather’s a state representative. I’ve met Mr. Martins many times. You’re fake.”

“Yet you don’t seem to care,” the imposter revealed his true form. “My apologies for tricking Becky into carving you up.”

“No hard feelings. I applaud your actions in getting the bug locked up,” Brad got up and shook Scott’s hand. “You’re her ex right? Scott Jerven?”

“What’s left of him,” Scott grumbled.

“I assume you want her dead?” Brad deduced, having heard of the shape shifter’s supposed death. “You and me both. I refuse to let such a creature defile my beautiful school and put all those in it in danger. I can't have that. I must protect them.”

“Smells like school spirit to the max,” Scott jokingly referenced the classic Nirvana song. From the main room, Jerven heard the announcer call his name and swiftly resumed his disguise.

“Let’s give them a show.”


Fly-Girl knew getting in wasn’t easy.

The building was surrounded by both cops and jocks.

“Brad must have prevented the message from getting out,” she assumed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew the Mayor’s a fake.”

Unaware of how right she was, Fly-Girl tried to quiet her buzzing in order to stealthily sneak inside. A jock spotted the mutant out of the corner of his eye and alerted the others.

“Damn it!” she evaded the gun fire from the guards. Meanwhile, Fly-Girl unknowingly gave Sarah and Artie a chance to easily slip past security.

“I’m out of patience for this!” the mutant angrily disarmed the building’s guards and fought off the remaining jocks before finally entering the building.


“Seems we’ve got company,” Martins grumbled. Brad retained an optimistic smirk, “Let her come. The damage has been done.”

Walking out onstage, the Mayor noticed a large safe with a numbered lock on it. The imposter though took a moment to address the situation.

“In the last few days, we assumed we had a new hero in our midst but earlier today, Ms. Rebecca Harris showed her true colors when she attacked Mr. Scalormine here!” Martins pointed to the nearby Brad who had placed extra bandages on himself to exaggerate his injuries. Both men chuckled as the crowd booed the mere mention of Fly-Girl’s name.

Martins then went on with the Jewel’s unveiling. Oblivious to the ruse, the announcer asked, "Aaron, the code please?"

Martins froze when he heard that.

"C-Code?" he stuttered. In that moment, Martins discovered in his haste for revenge, he failed to take in account how the real Mayor had connections to the jewel. Trying to weasel his way out, Martins tried making excuses.

"My s-sincerest ap-p-poligieze but I f-forgot," he stuttered much to the confusion of the audience. Suddenly something began pounding on the front doors and to everyone's shock, Fly-Girl finally tore through them.

"Scott!" she roared as she advanced towards the fake Mayor. Luckily for Martins and Brad, the city hall security guards did not hear Garvin's alert and they surrounded Fly-Girl with their guns drawn.

“Back to attack everyone else, bug?” Brad roared, joined by the angry yells of the audience.

“Arrest her!” Martins yelled. It was falling together perfectly unti….

"You're not calling the shots!"

The crowd gasped as the real Aaron Martins revealed himself on the large monitors. Behind him were Maxwell and Rags.

“That man is a fake! Arrest him!” the true mayor demanded. Panicking, Jerven tried to explain himself but then heard, "Hey Scott!"

The imposter turned around and Sarah jammed the taser into his chest.

"Payback!" she fiercely shouted, referring to the time Scott had tasered her himself. Shrieking in pain, the electrical power caused Jerven’s disguise to disintegrate, revealing his ruse to the city.

"Bitch!" the shape shifter savagely grabbed Sarah and threw her from the stage. Despite the apparent friendship, Brad angrily placed Scott in a headlock.

“W-What the hell are you doing?!” the shape shifter growled but Brad quietly stated, “I’ve got to abide to my duties.”

“Duty. Makes sense considering you’re full of s**t,” Scott melted his way out of Brad’s grip, reforming to backhand the jock. A sudden plume of acid vomit splattered over the fuming Jerven as Fly-Girl waited for a moment to strike.

Jerven sloughed off the burnt parts of his body and extended a large fist at the mutant. She easily evaded it but a second hand emerged from the same tendril and grabbed her, throwing Fly-Girl to the floor.

With everything falling apart around him, Scott smashed the safe open, hoping to at least settle the score with the Green Devils.

"It's mine, now, Doc!" the shape shifter laughed as he held the Aztec Heart jewel over his head in success. Unexpectedly, it popped with a whoosh, leaving the jewel nothing but dust. Scott stood there, still in the same triumphant pose, unclear of what just happened.

"What the? " Scott found the strength to move and saw a small note among the grime. Picking it up, he read it aloud:

"Nice try Jerven.

Signed: The Green Devils"


"Burn," Sarah commented as Scott began to shake, clutching his head in fury upon grasping the jewel was a fake. Fly-Girl began to see his skin bubbling and warned everyone, "Get away from him!" Will his scheme ruined and at his breaking point, Scott's hellish gazed focused on the person nearest to him:


"Sarah, run!" Fly-Girl frantically yelled. Letting loose a ghastly roar, Scott hastily and disturbingly swelled to chaotic proportions. Cackling with a grossly extended grin, Scott now resembled a gigantic slimy gorilla. In a frightened awe, Sarah commented, "He looks like a twisted cross between Bowser and Venom."

Without saying a word, Scott transformed his arm into a buzz saw and swung it at the two girls, forcing them to take cover.

"I'm gonna run now!" Sarah hurriedly fled the room while Fly-Girl stared down her gargantuan ex. Brad and his goons meanwhile escaped the building as well, not wanting to deal with neither mutant.


"Scott, we can talk this out," Fly-Girl attempted to reason with Scott but he announced in a deep gravelly voice, "Jerven's dead! All that remains is me!" Charging at her, the shape-shifter laughed, "The Omni-Freak!"

Fly-Girl launched multiple blobs of acid vomit but they barely fazed the brute. Attacking her with a flurry of tentacles, Omni-Freak managed to swat Fly-Girl across the room using a tendril humorously shaped like a fly swatter. As she struggled to get back on her feet, Omni-Freak morphed his mass into a fast moving sports car.

"How about I make ya a bit run down!" the shape-shifting mutant spewed bad joke after bad joke while gunning towards Fly-Girl. Barely evading him, she took flight and Omni-Freak launched himself at her in the shape of a massive fist. When he missed, Omni-Freak splattered himself on the floor and rapidly expanded his mass, flooding the room with gallons of black and blue muck. Anyone who tried to get inside were powerless to do so.

"Damn!" Fly-Girl found herself unable to land along with the fact that she unable to detect Omni-Freak within the slime.


Suddenly a barrage of fists and spikes began shooting from the ocean of goop, forcing Fly-Girl frenziedly avoid the attacks. All the while, Omni-Freak sadistically sang a horrid version of My Girl.

"She'll make all men gulp, and I'll beat her skull into a bloody pulp! Fly-Girl….Fly-Girl…..Slaughtering Fly-Girl!"

Tiring out, Fly-Girl failed to see a fist coming from beneath her, knocking the teen into the chandeliers above. Regaining her senses, Fly-Girl yelped as she involuntarily changed back into Rebecca.

"Can this get any worse?" she whined.

Without warning, Omni-Freak shot out the goo and grabbed onto the chandelier having shrunk back down. Leering at Rebecca, he derided, "If you weren't such a bitch, you'd be pretty hot this way! Oh well." Rebecca gulped as Omni-Freak stretched he arm into what looked like a large butcher's knife.

"Uh oh," she moaned, remembering how she went at Scott with one the night of her accident.

"Oh how the roles have been switched!" he laughed as he brought the blade down, nearly hitting Rebecca who quickly dodged it.


"Son of a!"

Watching this from a nearby balcony, Artie saw Omni-Freak violently attack Rebecca with blade. Although she was able to cling on the chandelier, Rebecca was almost powerless against her ex's assault. Looking at the closest fixture near him, Artie took a deep breath and leaped onto it.


Oblivious to the approaching Artie, Omni-Freak continued to slash at Rebecca who continued to avoid the blade.

"You know what kills me? All this wouldn't be happening if you had just listened for once!" the manic shape shifter scolded. "I was simply trying to protect you and your family from those psycho Green Devils!"

"Believe me, Scott," Rebecca cried out. "If I could take at all back…redo anything, I would!"

"Too late, bitch!" Omni-Freak snarled as he resumed his attack.

Meanwhile, Artie managed to reach the chandelier next to them. Watching terror as Omni-Freak began for the final swipe; Artie rapidly developed a plan and started rocking his chandelier back and forth.

"Bye bye Becky!" Omni-Freak brought his blade down but while doing so, Artie rammed his chandelier onto the fixture Rebecca and the shape shifter were hanging onto. The sudden jolt caused Omni-Freak to miss and his blade plunged into a large cable. Not only that but it cause the bolts holding it to the ceiling to buckle.

Rebecca watched as Omni-Freak shrieked in pain as electricity coursed through him. He lost his footing and fell back into the muck, stunned.

The memory of Scott’s reaction to Sarah tasing entered Rebecca’s brain but was she distraction when Artie leaped on her respective chandelier.

"Artie, what are you doing!?" Rebecca was shocked.

"I'm not leaving you with him!" Artie yelled as he tightly hugged her. "There's no way in hell I'm gonna stand around and let that nut hurt you!" Blushing at his attempted heroics, Rebecca however stopped and rolled her eyes.

"Artie…." She groaned.

"I'm hugging a naked girl, how do you think my body's gonna react?" Artie sternly muttered.

"What a cute couple!"

Their moment distracted, both Rebecca and Artie watched a fully recovered Omni-Freak launched himself back onto the fixture with an even large blade. He was dead set on killing them both, unaware of the chandelier's support was crumbling.

"At least you can both die together!" Omni-Freak cackled. Rebecca looked and realized the chandeliers were all connected together on the ceiling and if one fell in…..

“Scott! Stop!” she screamed, hoping to reason with her ex. It was no use. In a twisted sense of irony, Omni-Freak was blinded by his own temper. All form of reasoning and common sense were gone. He cackled, thinking his triumph was seconds away and brought the mutated teen brought the blade down. With nothing left to lose, Rebecca grabbed Artie and leaped onto another fixture.

“NO-!” too take to pull back, a blood curdling scream erupted from Omni-Freak's throat as the blade smashed into the cable once again. Coursing with electricity, Omni-Freak ripped the blade free, but the sudden jerk caused the chandelier he was on to rip from the ceiling, causing a chain reaction.

"Move!" Rebecca shouted as the entire lighting system began to fall. She and Artie leaped from chandelier to chandelier while Omni-Freak plummeted into the muck. When they missed a light, Artie through it was the end of them both but Rebecca felt the change again. Seconds before they hit the sludge, she mutated into Fly Girl and flew Artie and herself to a balcony.

The two teens could only look on as Omni-Freak convulsed and screamed midst the electrified slime. Deep down still, regardless of everything he had done to her, Fly-Girl could not help but feel sorry for him as Omni-Freak's screams died out.

Minutes later, what used to be her ex-boyfriend was reduced to nothing but dust and smoke.


Garvin's cruiser screeched to a stop outside City Hall. Fighting their way through the crowds, the commissioner and Maxwell ran into the building. Right as they reached the main room, they stopped when Fly-Girl emerged with Sarah and Artie behind her. Snapping his fingers, Garvin ordered the nearby officers into hall.

"What happened?" Maxwell anxiously questioned. Thanks to Omni-Freak smashing out the main TV during the brawl, both Maxwell and Garvin were unaware of what happened to him.

“I’ll tell you!” Brad howled, emerging from the crowd. Fly-Girl’s eye twitched as he pointed his finger at her, “She put us all in danger since that shape shifting maniac was after her! It’s all her fault-“

The entire crowd winced as the fed up mutant put Brad as the receiver of a nasty uppercut and she sent the ranting jock into a fountain.

“Shut. Up,” Fly-Girl growled, watching the seething Brad sitting up. “I do apologize for attacking you though. I’ll admit to that.”

“This isn’t over, bug!” Brad was helped out of the water thanks to his goons.

“I know. I know,” Fly-Girl rolled her eyes as they left. Just then, Garvin reemerged from the building, “He’s gone. Isn’t he?”

Fly-Girl sorely nodded. Maxwell awkwardly hugged his depressed daughter as did Artie and Sarah.

"I'm fine," she assured and looked up. Although there was a mood of celebration throughout NYC, it was more of a bittersweet moment for the mutant.

"I'm just concerned about you," Artie worriedly sighed. "I mean you watched your ex-boyfriend die twice."

"I know," Fly-Girl nodded. "As I see it, at least he's out of his misery. I mean, Scott did state that he wished he had died when he fell from the building."

"There is that," Sarah muttered. “Even though he kinda did himself in.”

“Being blinded by anger is never a good thing,” Garvin sternly believed, forcing a slight whimper from Fly-Girl but he added, “The difference is Scott gave in.”

“You accepted your mistakes,” Maxwell added.

Fly-Girl happily nodded. While she all tightly hugged them with her long arms, a familiar smell made her feelers perk up, prompting Artie to ask, "What's wrong?"

Not answering, Fly-Girl glanced down and saw a garbage truck driving along as did everyone else.

"Oh no…Rebecca, don't….." he warned but in spite of Artie's pleas, Fly-Girl gleefully exclaimed, "Oooh! Delivery! Yummy!"

"What happened to emotions won't get the best of you?" Sarah shouted but it was no use as Fly-Girl gloriously dove after it.

“We’re talking about emotions! Not instincts!” Artie yelled while he and the others gave chase.



Fly-Girl and all characters © Rich W. S.


Beware the Fly-Girl #6
Comment plz by 1Foxylady

Bring out the Popcorn! :popcorn:

Beware the Fly-Girl follows Rebecca Harris, a once ordinary sixteen year old, who after being exposed to her brothers' genetic experiments, ends up with a insectoid alter ego!


For the Fly-Girl:…

Check out my Gallery for more.
Fly-Girl and all related characters © :iconaraghenxd: AKA Rich W. S.


Venom Evo

#2: Pick Your Poison

Venom and all characters © Marvel Comics


“Dude! You. Were. AWESOME!”

Eddie Brock chuckled, hearing his friend, Norman “the Goblin” Osborn praising him on his cell. It had been just a few hours since Eddie, using the chaotic abilities imbued in him by a symbiotic alien being, foiled a hostage situation at his high school. Something about helping those students was such a euphoria the teen couldn’t describe and he wasn’t going to stop there. It was in his blood, coming from a long line of respected NYPD officers.

“It’s a start,” Eddie laughed.

“You bet-ach! Jerk!” Norman started but suddenly dropped a few F-bombs. Eddie knew his friend was playing on of his games, mainly the one that earned Norman the nickname, Goblin.

”Quite involved, isn’t he?” the alien symbiote studied. Eddie laughed, “Yeah.”

“Sorry about that,” Norman grumbled, “but yeah, that was awesome watchin you toss those gunmen around! Man, this is awesome! My best bud’s a superhero!” The auburn haired teen spun around in his office chair inside his room.

“Yeah. One without a name,” Eddie scoffed. Norman was tried to shake a few game enemies off, “Oh you’ll think of something-Oh you motherfu-Son of a! I hate those damn poison bats and their stupid venom!”

Eddie stopped and began pondering, “Wait……Venom?”

”Hmm. Seems like a rather foul word,” the symbiote cautiously believed but the teen couldn’t help but imagine him scaring crooks with that name.

“I’m liking! Know what? That settles it! Venom it is!” Eddie eagerly finalized the name of his new persona. “Thanks, Goblin!”

“Get off my ass, you di-Wait. What?” Norman was oblivious to what just happened. “Did I do something?”

”This happens a lot with him, doesn’t it?” the symbiote face palmed, earning an awkward shrug from Eddie.

“N-Never mind,” Norman stammered in confusion and tried to change the conversation. “So…..I guess your little friend doesn’t like loud noises huh?”

“Yeah. I talked to the symbiote about that,” Eddie mentioned “Fire is another thing but when compared to sound? Well, sound-“

“Is a bitch,” the symbiote grumbled through Eddie’s mouth.

“Right….” Norman was still disturbed on how the symbiote could do that. “Curious, what are you up to now, Mr. Venom? I don't hear the sounds of your Mom on the phone with her friends.”

“Me? Walking through Central Park, ready to meet up with Ann,” Eddie eagerly chuckled, earning a delighted laugh from his friend. “You go, Eds! I’ll leave ya to it! Just keep your buddy at bay! I’ve seen enough Hent-“

“I’m hanging up, Norman,” Eddie irritatingly said, his face beat red and he ended the call.


The Park was rather peaceful as the teenaged boy calmly strolled through it. Even the irritable symbiote couldn’t help but enjoy the evening air, the cloudy skies casting a bluish hue that was occasionally broken by the yellow light of the lampposts. The fact that there weren’t that many people around also helped.

“This place is quite lovely,” the symbiote sighed peacefully. Eddie couldn’t help but agree. “Yeah. I’m mean I would’ve been here a couple of days ago if it hadn’t been for Pete trapping me in that damn closet.”

The alien simply laughed, “But then you wouldn’t have met me.

“I don’t know if that’s good thing or a bad thing,” Eddie smirked, earning a scoff from the symbiote. “Yeah. I know you heard that. You’re in my head. You hear everything.”

“You gamble your Gluteus Maximus!” the symbiote snapped.

“You mean I bet my ass?” Eddie struggled to hold in his laughter after hearing the alien’s attempt to imitate an insult. The symbiote hissed. Oh whatever! You get what I mean!”

The teen shook his head, laughing as the two reached a lonesome park bench before he plopped down and began waiting.

”Why are we wasting our time?” the symbiote grumbled. ”We could be doing far better thing like uh….oh I’ll think some something.”

“Geez! What’s gotten into you?” Eddie inquired before hearing…

“Eddie? Oh great! You made it!”

The symbiote begrudgingly silenced itself as Ann walked up. She calmly sat on the bench, exhaling. “Sorry about that. Things came up.”

“It’s ok,” Eddie assured, feeling flustered as always when around the teenaged girl. “S-So what’s up with you?”

“Oh nothing. Dad’s been acting weird, Parker’s still convinced I’m the perfect girl for him, I had guns pointed at me and was saved by a guy in black,” Ann nonchalantly recalled. “The usual I guess.”

”Either she’s being sarcastic or you’re very poor at choosing females to mate with,” the symbiote groaned and Eddie felt his clothes tightening again. Ignoring the sudden pain, the boy asked, “Answer me, Ann, um…why did you ask to come out here? I-I mean we live next to each other.”

“I know but I just needed to get out of the house,” Ann sheepishly. “Talk to someone else for a change. Privately. Like with you! I mean it’s so nice to actually talk to a guy who’s not interested in having his way with me.”

She joking pondered, “Or is that why you so quickly accepted to come here? Is this part of your secret plan to do so?”

“Oh god no!” Eddie exclaimed, his face red but the symbiote asked, “Then why do you have the immense urge to mate with her?”

“Uh Eddie? You ok?” Ann noticed the boy’s odd behavior as his face lit up more so. Before Eddie could answer, the symbiote suddenly yelled, ”PARKER!”

The alien sensed the bully’s odd aura as Parker jutted in, “Because Brocky Boy doesn’t know how to talk to a girl like a real man!”

“Fine. Point me in the right direction and Eddie and I will find him,” Ann snapped back, causing Eddie to break out laughing as Parker’s face burned with anger.

“Can it, Brock!” Parker angrily heaved the teen off the bench. Eddie quickly noticed the bully’s strength was far greater than normal along with the symbiote’s senses burning like mad. The teen’s mind soon drifted back to an earlier remark he made the last time Parker harassed him.

“What’s gotten into you?!” Ann smacked the fuming Parker. Eddie sat back up, “It’s like I said, Parker; if I don’t have a chance with her, what makes you think she’ll fall for a steroid using clown like you?”

”Edwin? You…..oh I’m at a loss of words,” the symbiote annoyingly commented on Eddie’s poor choice of taunt, more so as Parker glared at him. Eddie’s smile lasted until for a split second, he swore that the jock’s eyes glowed green.

“What the fu-AHH!” the teen as Parker charged at him, fist reared back and he barely missed the evading Eddie. The bully seemed to devolve into a Neanderthal with each passing second, that same green glow coming from his eyes. Eddie was in a near no win situation. He wanted to transform but refused to injure Parker like the teen did to the goon from earlier.

”What are you waiting for?!” Sim howled. ”Don’t make me-“

“You’re not doing anything! Not with Ann around!” Eddie desperately ducked a left hook. He was scared of what would happen if Ann had seen him like he was to the goon. That didn’t help the symbiote’s seething furor but it didn’t get a chance to berate the teen further when Parker managed to punch Eddie into a tree.

“HA-“ the bully buckled over, barely getting out a triumphant laugh as Ann swung a trash barrel at him with all her might.

“You callous, son of s bi-“ Ann hissed only to be tackled to the ground by Parker, leering as he did. The girl angrily spat at him, “What part of NO don’t you understand!?”

Ann managed to free her hand and succeeded in landing a left hook to Pete’s jaw. It fazed him for merely a moment before he madly grinned ear to ear. Before he could reach Ann’s pants buckle, Eddie placed the out of control bully in a headlock. Parker attempted to ram him into a tree but instead, foolishly knocked himself out as Eddie leapt off seconds before impact.


“What the hell was that?” Ann got back up, trying to wrap her head around what just happened. Eddie wiped the sweat from his brow, stunned. She gazed upon the fallen Parker, “He’s never acted like that before!”

Altered by the symbiote, Eddie was shown a strange green vial that had fallen out of Parker’s jacket. He cautiously picked it up, “Hey, Ann? Have you heard anything new about those so called steroid rumors?”

“Just that the team wasn’t taking their losing streak well,” Ann recalled, adjusting her glasses to see the small writing on the vial. “What in the world? Did this turn Parker into a caveman?”

“I’m thinking yes,” Eddie glanced at two more vials in the jacket except they were empty. “I’m starting to think maybe this had something to do with the attack on Greenwood.”

More than likely,” the symbiote perceived in Eddie’s head, studying the vial all the while, evading detection from the girl.


Both teens seized up as a few officers ran up with their guns drawn. Despite being in a secluded area, the sounds of Parker's manic howls had caused a few concerned citizens to call 911. Among the officers was Officer Donna Diego who quickly noticed the vial in Eddie’s hand.

“You! Where did you get that?” she sternly asked, not sure if Eddie was the owner. Ann answered for him, “Listen, we were chatting when the knocked out guy lying beneath a tree over here went mad and attacked us!”

The officers found the empty vials on Parker’s person as they called for an EMS. Diego holstered her gun, “Fair enough but hand over the vial.”

“S-Sure thing!” Eddie did as he was told but asked, “Hey um….officer? Can you saw whether or not this has anythi-“

“If you’re asking if this is connected to the Greenwood attack, no comment,” Diego abruptly answered though sincerely added, “I would answer if this wasn’t an ongoing investigation.”

Diego’s attempt to avoid questioning failed to deter the symbiote. It scanned her body language, watching her facial features, taking in every tic. The alien calmly stated, ”Your law enforcement need to learn to lie better. The events are indeed connected. I can feel it.”

Unaware of the alien’s deduction, Diego placed the vial in an evidence bag, “Your assistance is welcomed. I’m sorry about what happened on your…this was a date or something, right?”

Both Eddie and Ann’s faces went red. The boy stammered, “N-No. We were just talking!”

“Correction: You need to learn to lie better,” the symbiote rolled its eyes as Diego laughed, “Sure thing, kids. Now then, leave.” With a laugh, the officer shooed off the teens.


The day finally had ended in front of Eddie and Ann’s homes. Even after everything that had happened, the incident with Parker seemed to barely faze the two as they were laughing.

“So Norman is that deep into larping?” Ann asked, listening to Eddie recalling a humorous encounter with his friend. 

“Yeah. One time I went to his place and he had his face painted green like some creature,” the boy joked. “I called him Green Goblin for weeks…though he’s kinda grown affectionate towards it now.”

“That’s Norman, for ya,” Ann giggled and turned towards her home. “Thanks for the night, Eddie. It was fun….even when Parker went mad.”

“Glad you think that,” Eddie chuckled at Ann’s humor. He was about to say something else when Ann rushed over and gave him a peck on the cheek. She gave him one last bye as she went inside, leaving the teen a blushing mess.

“I-I uh…ha…..gah….” the boy spoke incoherently but shuddered in pain as his clothes tightened again. Hearing the symbiote hissing in his mind, Eddie figured out why.

“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” he assumed, finding humor in the moment.

”Quiet,” the alien growled and it fumbled with an excuse, ”I-I just don’t like her. That is all.”

“Righty oh,” Eddie laughed as he walked up the steps to his home. The boy stopped for a moment, believing he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Eddie looked around but simply shook it off and went inside.

Watching from inside the bushes, Gwen Stacy angrily bit her lip, far more infuriated than before.


Word spread throughout Greenwood about what happened to Parker. The bully was currently in the hospital, monitored by both doctors and the NYPD. It became all too clear that the steroid rumors were indeed true and teachers began zeroing on the football team or anyone connected to them.

As the school began cracking down, Eddie couldn’t help but have mixed messages.

“Sure the users might be going down but still no word on the supplier,” the boy thought to himself, digging through his locker. The symbiote nodded, still feeling the steroid was in the building, ”Agreed. If they aren’t stopped, this madness will continue.”

“Couldn’t say it any better,” Eddie approved and slyly wolfing down a large chocolate bar stashed inside. Thanks to the alien’s urging, the teen had developed an unnatural sweet tooth to the substance. According to the symbiote, if Eddie did not eat large amounts of chocolate, which contained a chemical that kept the alien sane, it warned bad things would happen.

“Don’t you know eating in the hallway is against the rules?” Ann walked up, noticing chocolate smears on Eddie’s face. The mere sight made her giggle as the boy hurriedly wiped his cheeks.

“H-Hi Ann!” he chuckled, embarrassed due to her seeing him like that. Right on cue, the symbiote hissed but Eddie ignored it like before, “How are ya?”

“Same old,” Ann shrugged. “The whole school’s going nuts thanks to what happened last night.”

“Parker’s meltdown or you kissing me?” Eddie cracked a smirk, earning a flustered giggle from Ann.
“Well I’m sure a certain few might gasp at the latter,” Ann laughed, “But no, I heard they might know who the supplier is. Scary thing is: I think I share a class with him. My last one. He didn't show up though. No surprise there.”

Eddie’s face drained, anxiety taking control, “W-Well if that’s the case, b-be careful! If you need anything, I’m here!”

“I know. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine,” Ann assured him, going through her purse, “And-ah crap. Speaking of my last class, I forgot my reading glasses. Crud.”

“I-I’ll go with you,” Eddie volunteered but the bell rang. Ann ran off, “No need! I’ll meet you in Math! Don’t wait up for me!”

As much as Eddie wanted to follow, he didn’t want to make Ann, in his mind, mad so he dejectedly went along with his day.


”Not the timely girl, is she?” the symbiote noticed Ann had yet to arrive to class. Eddie’s finger nervously tapped his desk and many times did he have to prevent his enhanced strength from leaving marks.

“Aren’t you twitchy,” the teen heard Gwen grumble behind him.

“Not in the mood,” Eddie gritted his teeth. That didn’t stop the girl though as she rolled her eyes, “She told me about the kiss this morning. Maybe she’s in the bathroom, regretting the decision.”

”Why do you get mixed up with such rotten humans?” the symbiote couldn’t tell if either Parker or Gwen was worse than other.

“Gwen, if I-“

Eddie was silenced as well the entire school when it happened. The symbiote did its best to hide itself as it did, trying to quiet its pained squeals.

An ear-piercing, guttural and inhuman howl tore through the school, sending into chaos as alarms went off. Teachers ordered an evacuation in an attempt to clear the school. As the symbiote’s senses flared, Eddie knew what was wrong but was forced out of the building by the teachers.

“Everyone remain calm! Everything-“

Without warning, a teacher’s attempt to cool the situation was brought to a startled stop as every window in the school was sealed shut by a steel shutter.

“Where did those come from?!” a student yelled followed by many more confused questions. The shutters did provide a distraction for Eddie as he slipped away into the wooded area behind the building.

“That Supplier’s behind this!” the boy’s outfit began to reform, becoming an unearthly black suit.

”The steroid is inside….there’s more of it. Be careful, Edwin. I have a bad feeling about this,” the symbiote advised. As Eddie finished becoming his new alter ego, his phone rang, “Hello? Norman?!”

“I hope I’m speaking to the other you now,” Norman hoped. “The school’s sealed shut. The cops are here and they’re having a hell of a time trying to get the front doors open. Get your alien ass in there! There’s people still inside with whatever made that roar!”

“Already on it!” Venom hung up and frantically racing to the front of Greenwood, whispering, “Please be safe, Ann!”


“Who the hell puts a system like this in a damn High School!?” Captain Kasady oversaw two men trying to saw through the shutters. Diego meanwhile went over the building’s records and what she found was alarming.

“Well according to this, Greenwood was a military lab back in the 1960’s,” she relayed as she studded the schematics, taking note the shutters were designed to keep invading forces out. “Someone must have discovered this. More than likely the Steroid Supplier’s doing.”

“I’m with you on that,” the entire NYPD’s jaws dropped as Venom dropped down from the building’s roof.

“Holy hell,” Kasady was at a loss of words as Venom, with all his might, lifted the heavy shutter. The Captain regained his senses, yelling, “You! Uh….Alien guy…whatever! What are you doing?!”

“Going in!” Venom yelled back and used a tendril to snatch a cop’s radio and gear. “I’ll keep in touch!” Letting go, the teen slipped under the shutter as it slammed shut. The NYPD were dumbfounded but barely fazed Diego, “Don’t stop! Cut those shutters open! Move it!”


It was a good thing Venom snatched the cop’s gear, namely his flashlight. Some of the power had gone out though he assumed the auxiliary was keeping the shutters active. A tendril kept the light focused on the ominous hallway ahead. As useful as the alien’s senses were, they weren’t as keen as Venom hoped for. The burning sensation felt like it was coming from everywhere inside.

Venom took a deep breath and formed what resembled a spiked bullet on his finger, ready to fire.

“Please don’t let me use this,” he whimpered, aiming it like a gun as the teen began his venture. A few seconds in, Venom was startled as the radio came on with an angered Kasady on the other end.

“Listen, Mr. Alien Guy, we don’t appreciate civilians jumping into things like this,” he warned. Venom calmly walked on, “I know. Da-a friend’s a cop. I know the lingo very well. Consider this a citizen’s arrest from hell.”

“Cute. Real cute,” Kasady grumbled, “Who the hell are you anyway?”

“Name’s Venom and right now, I’m the only one capable with dealing with these steroid clowns!” the teen declared. “Just get though the shutters as fast as you can……man…..”

Venom trailed off as the flashlight revealed a path of destruction. Lockers were ripped from the wall and many were torn in half. Large impacts were noticeable in the walls, even under the dim auxiliary lights.

“What? What do you see?” Kasady impatiently asked.

“Let’s say this school’s cleanup bill’s gonna be big….” Venom scanned the wreckage as did the symbiote.

”It’s like a legion of Parkers came through here and-“ the alien stopped and shined the light at the floor, stopping Venom in his tracks.

“Footprints,” the teen placed his foot against one. “These gotta be way more than a size nine like me.”

”Not just that…..but these seem to be fresh,” the alien studied, ”As if….MOVE!”

Venom felt the control of his own body slip away as he was thrown against the ground by the symbiote, seconds before something could swing a locker at him. With the senses flaring everywhere, the assailant was able to hide.

Venom scrambled to his feet, barely missing another swipe. He tried to shine his light on the attacker but during the first swipe, Venom’s flashlight was broken. Through the dim lights, the teen made out a towering behemoth. Whatever it was, the being’s skin was a deep emerald green and like Parker, two bright and fuming green eyes stared at him.

“What the hell?!” Venom whimpered as did the symbiote, more so as the beast roared again, sending the symbiote into pained torture. The behemoth attacked again, using the locker as a club as it madly tried to smash the stunned hybrid. With no other choice, Venom raced off, using a nearby fire extinguisher to escape.


It took a few moments for Venom to reform to full health, having hid inside a class from the behemoth. The NYPD radio rang once again.

“Venom? What the hell happened in there?”

“Ok….we found the source of the howler,” Venom panted while weakly answering Kasady. “It’s big, green and-“

“You mean like that…..uh…one guy from those comics?” Diego could be heard in the background. “How is that possible?”

“Uh…’re talking to a guy wearing an alien,” Venom dryly cracked.

“Quiet, you two!” Kasady barked. “Venom, find the others trapped within the building and stop this green skinned brute! We’ll try to reach you as soon as we can!”

“Right!” Venom nodded and with a spike projectile armed, he cautiously exited the classroom.


The western hall was in ruins, just like the one before it. Venom slowly strolled through with a spiked tendril on his finger, ready for further attacks.

“What the hell was that thing?” he worried, bracing himself. His mind raced on what the behemoth could have been. The symbiote meanwhile tried to keep the teen focused.

“I don’t see it,” Venom muttered, ready for round two but then, a faint groan was heard coming from one of the classrooms. The teen slowly opened the door and what he saw was shocking.

It was the remaining members of the football team. The remaining six were all splayed out across the room, many of whom were unconscious, their faces a ghostly white. Only one remained intelligible.

“Ben?” Venom saw Ben Reily trying to sit up, laughing.

“I-I figured you show….Brock,” the weakened jock snickered. Venom froze as Ben snickered, “I might be a jock but I’m no d-dummy. I know were the o-one who tore up that closet.”

“That’s no longer on my list of worries,” Venom grumbled. “Now what’s going on? Answer……”

A tendril wrapped around Ben’s throat, “…Now.”

“F-Fine!” Ben whimpered. “We’re h-having withdrawals! T-That steroid! H-He m-must have tampered with this batch! I-It hurts!” The Jock whined, “T-This is all our fault! W-We can’t help it! We were losing some many games, w-we became desperate so we turned to him.”

“Who?” Venom demanded and the Jock managed to say the name. “Bruce Banner. He could always get us the best stuff. He created some super steroid from chemicals he found in the school’s basements. Some crap from the 60’s! Each batch he made us crave more and Banner kept raising the price on us!”

“So your friends tried to hold the school for ransom and was going to use the money to pay him,” Venom said, putting it all together.

“Now with Parker in the NYPD’s clutches, everything’s going to hell. Banner’s pissed beyond all reason,” Ben fearfully added. “I-I think he’s trying to kill us! Cover his tracks! I-I feel sorry for Weying…”

Venom’s eyes began to turn black as his anger boiled, “What. Happened?”

“S-She walked in on us as Banner was shooting us up,” Ben recalled. “She ran out and Banner went after her with a huge syringe of the stuff. N-Next thing I know! S-Some giant green thing begins tearing up the school!”

It finally hit him.

“Oh no…..” Venom released the Jock who slumped over, the withdrawals kicking back in. The teen grabbed his head, the horrid facts pouring into his hysteric mind. Venom just wanted to cry out only for his anger to reemerge. With his alien mouth forming into a vicious snarl, he turned to Ben, “Where’s…..Banner?”

“H-H-He’s probably in the Gym…..” were the last words Ben muttered before passing out. The seething Venom roared out in fury as he tore out of the classroom.

“I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him!” the teen hissed repeatedly. The symbiote calmly laughed, ”Kill him? Heh. I guess I did hear that. It’s funny coming from someone who vowed never to kill.”

“QUIET! You-“ Venom’s fiery rampage towards the Gym was halted when he kicked something with his foot. It was a syringe filled with a green residue, the one Ben had told Venom about. Not far away were tattered clothing.

They only confirmed Venom’s anguished suspicions about the Behemoth. Among the remains was a necklace. The same one he had given Ann not long ago. Picking the piece of jewelry up, Venom clutched it in his hand. Without saying a word, Venom rocketed towards the nearby Gym while the symbiote then absorbed the necklace for safe keeping.


Splinters of wood went flying as Venom smashed both doors down. Far more alien looking than before, tendrils snapped off the teen’s back, resembling whips.

”BANNER!” Venom roared loud enough to even make the symbiote whimper. He stormed down the small flight of stairs and onto the gym floor, scanning the eerily lit room.

“You rang?” a voice sneered.

Without warning, the gym lights came on….and so did the speakers on the stage. Unlike the rest of the school, the Gym had backup generators.

Venom was blasted across the room by the sonic ambush and he slammed into a wall before falling to the floor in pain.

“I knew this was going to hurt…” the symbiote moaned as it and Venom struggled to move. Hearing a sinister laugh, the teen managed to get a look at who caused the attack. It was a rather nerdy looking kid with messy hair and glasses. He wore all black except for a green shirt.

“So you’re the big bad Venom?” Bruce Banner snickered as he messed with the speakers. He jumped of the stage and walked towards Venom. “Heh. For one of the most bad ass people on the planet, you sure have the wimpiest weakness.”

Venom tried to reform but Banner blasted an industrial grade air horn in his ear.

“Sorry. You say something? I can’t hear you over the air horn,” Banner grinned as Venom squirmed on the floor. After a hearty laugh, the dealer turned sour, “You cost me a lot of money, do you know that?”

“Don’t care,” Venom growled, earning another blast from the air horn.

“Figured you wouldn’t. First you and the bimbo,” Banner grumbled. “People in the past have told me that my chemistry skills could help the world. Know what I told them?”

“Enlighten me,” Venom hoped to keep the dealer talking so he could reform.

“I won’t get paid as much as I would unlike my current endeavors,” Banner licked his teeth, his ego at full speed. “Even though mutating the blonde was an unintentional mistake, hopefully she’ll kill those deadbeat football jackass so I can find more deep pocketed buyers!”

Cracking his neck, Banner smirked, “Well I enjoyed our little meeting. As small as it was.”

“So did I.”

Banner, stunned, spun around to see a fully reformed Venom, grinning at him. Panicking, Banner aimed the air horn but all that came out was a whoosh. He looked at it and saw the bottom was ripped off.

“My bad,” Venom revealed a bladed tendril before angrily punching Banner across the room. The dealer slammed again the base of the stage. Venom sharpened his claws, knowing what the creep had done to Ann. With the symbiote egging him on, Venom was mentally torn but suddenly, the room began to shake. Banner shot right up.

“She’s here.”


Crashing sounds echoed throughout the gym, getting louder and louder.

Venom braced himself, knowing who was coming. Banner tried to escape but was webbed to the stage.

As expected, the Behemoth into the room through the stage, destroying the speakers. Venom’s heart dropped as he finally got a look at the beast. It was Ann. Her tattered clothes hung from a monstrous green body. That once beautiful face lost behind the savage new one that bore a permanent scowl. It was the hellish contrast that bothered Venom the most.

”E-Edwin? M-Move!” the symbiote screamed, scared out of its wits.

Ann let out hellish roar, one much loader then the speakers. Venom recoiled in pain as the beast leaped off the stage before turning her gaze on him.

“Scary black monster,” she snarled in a demonic voice. “SMASH!”

“CRAP!!” Venom yelled as dodged Ann’s giant fists.

It became a frantic battle scene.

No matter what the Behemoth did, Venom refused to fight back. He tried to lasso her but the beast grabbed the tendril and swung him around, sending him into the bleachers.

”Fight back!” the symbiote ordered but Venom refused. “I-I can’t! We have to try and help her!”

“Hate to be party crasher but I don’t think there is any help for her left!” the symbiote snarled, its British-like accent devolving into a reptilian hiss, “The best way is to put her out of her misery!”

“I’m not killing her!” Venom howled.

 “Either she dies or we die!” the symbiote bellowed as the Behemoth lumbered towards them, ”And if you’re not going to, I WILL!

Venom shrieked as the symbiote took over his body, forming to large blades from his wrists. The symbiote-controlled teen swiped at the Behemoth, much to Eddie’s agony. Letting loose, the alien gleefully began fighting back, viciously delivering blows to her head as it pinned the beast down.

“STOP! STOP!” Eddie cried out, horrified at the symbiote’s vicious nature. He cursed himself for not addressing the alien’s jealously ahead of time. The symbiote paid no attention as it continued its assault. Finally, Eddie screamed, “Fine! I get it! You think she’ll come between us! I don’t know why you’re like this but answer me: Do you really think I’ll remain your host if you kill Ann?! You told me you can do more good than bad but obviously you were just lying to me! Noble my ass!”

The beating abruptly ceased and the only sound in the room was that of the Behemoth’s blood dripping from Venom’s shaking fists.

”I-I…..” the alien whimpered, allowing Venom to regain control. He felt the suit gripping tighter around him. The teen sighed in relieve but gasped upon seeing the beaten Behemoth whose face was covered in bruises. “Oh god! Ann!”

Venom placed his hand on her cheek, only for the Behemoth’s vengeful eyes to shoot back open. The beast backhanded the teen away as she staggered to her feet. Just then, the NYPD, who had managed to pierce the main shutters, rushed in and were horrified at what they say.

“Jesus!” Diego yelped. She and the others were forced to flee as the Behemoth hurled an entire set of bleachers at the doorway, blocking the entrance.

Regaining his senses, Venom begged the symbiote for help, “There’s gotta be something we can do. Please, buddy!”

The symbiote frantically thought for second, “There is one thing. I can siphon the steroid from her blood but there’s a catch.”

“Great!” Venom yelled, “What is it?!”

“It’s obvious this mutation is caused by anger and adrenaline like Parker,” the symbiote explained, growing more and more nervous as the Behemoth locked eyes with them. “As long as the latter is there, I can’t do anything! In order for me to remove the steroid, you are going to have to calm her down!”

“Calm her down? Easier said than done-“ Venom barely got out another word before the beast punched him into the stage next to Banner. The dealer yelped as she turned to him, “Ban…ner.”


Venom’s disoriented attention was brought to a screaming Banner as the Behemoth stared down at him. Seconds prior, the beast rendered him unconscious with a vicious slap and was readying for the kill. Most of have let the sociopathic dealer suffer but the hybrid wouldn’t stand for it. The symbiote simply decided to remain quiet.

“Ann!” Venom yelled, waving his arms to get the Behemoth’s attention, earning a whimper from the alien as she snarled at him.

”I-I-I hope you know what you’re doing!” it cowered in fear.

“It works in the comics...I hope!” Venom barked before turning his attention back to the Behemoth, “Ann. I know you’re in there! It’s me Eddie! Eddie Brock!”

The teen ripped his “mask” off, hoping it would help. Peering through the wreckage, a few NYPD officers gasped with a shocked Diego commenting, “He’s just a kid.”

“What about your attempts to hide me?” the symbiote asked, aware of cops.

“Screw it!” Eddie yelled as he walked towards the growling beast, “I know you’re in there! Please remember! Like last night! We laughed, exchanged stories. You even kissed me!”

The snarl on Behemoth’s face began to fade and for what seemed forever, the real Ann started to come through.

“Ed…die” she asked, scared at what was happening. Eddie placed his hands on her face, hoping to help but then sadly sighed, “Forgive me for this.”

The symbiote used the moment to launch multiple tendrils from Eddie’s back and they buried themselves into her skin. Ann screamed in pain as the alien began to filter her blood.

“Work through the pain!” Eddie yelled as the symbiote screeched from the roars, embracing the agonized beast.

“You’re lucky I like you!” the alien cried in pain, trying to hold Ann still until a few minutes later the symbiote finally released her. The Behemoth fell to her knees, shuddering and growling until she began to shrink, her green skin returning to normal. An insanely relieved Eddie caught her as she passed and wrapped a tendril blanket around Ann.

“Thank god,” he tightly embraced her.

“Thanks for the distraction, V-Man!”

Eddie’s head darted over to a fleeing Banner who managed to not only regain consciousness but cut himself free from the webbing. The dealer bolted down another connecting hallway while holding a box of what Eddie assumed was what remained of the steroid.

Hearing Banner laugh at the hell he caused infuriated Eddie to no end. With the spike projectile still formed on his hand, the teen took aim at Banner’s head, wanting to prevent him from harming anyone else.

“Y-You…GAH!” Eddie couldn’t bear to take a life….but he didn’t want Banner to walk away either. The teen quickly aimed downward and shot the fleeing dealer in the lower back. Banner screamed in agony as he fell, the control of his legs forever stolen from him. Even with the pain though, he was more horrified when all that remained of his steroid shattered on the floor, ending the madness for good.



A little while later, Ann was still asleep inside her hospital room. Venom meanwhile gazed outside the window, the events of what happened were still flashing through his head. Fortunately, the NYPD chose to keep quiet about his alter ego. The remaining football team players were saved from expulsion but were barred from playing football for life. Ben tried to out Eddie but his friends were still do dumb to believe him.

However, all that was meaningless to the true act that haunted the teen: crippling Banner.

“Yeah…..I know, buddy. He deserved it,” Venom said to the alien. “It still doesn’t change the fact I hated doing it.”

”You’re a strange human being,” the symbiote commented. It then began to whimper, ”…..I-I’m…sorry about what I tried to do……”

“It’s ok,” Venom assured, “Just because you’re an alien doesn’t mean you’re immune to emotions. It doesn’t mean I’m not mad but you did redeem yourself in saving Ann.”

“WE saved her,” the symbiote said, “You’re the one you knocked the sense back into me. Not many hosts could do that and don’t forget: you were the one to calm Ann down. Bravo.”

“I guess there’s a first time for everything,” Venom smiled only to hear a faint moan coming from behind him.

“Who’s there?” Ann asked, still woozy as she sat up. The girl adjusted her eyes and jumped a tad upon seeing Venom.

“Don’t worry. I’m just making sure you’re ok,” Venom sat down next to her bed and held her hand.  The girl didn’t say another word and reaching out to tightly hug him.

“Thank you,” Ann smiled. Venom closed his eyes, hugging back.

”You’re not going to tell her, are you?” the symbiote knowingly wondered.

“Not yet. In due time. She’s had enough excitement for the day,” Venom answered. After a few moments, Ann released him and he went for the window. Climbing on the ledge, he turned back to her, “I’ll see you around, Miss.”

The teen leaped out the window and imitating a comic he read, Venom swung off into the lit up city. Ann sighed peacefully in her bed, smiling. A quick glimmer caught her eye and Ann gasped at the sight of her necklace sitting on her lap. She was unaware that the symbiote had spat it out and Ann gleefully placed it back on before looking out the window.

Unbeknownst to neither party, Ann rested her head against the bed, well aware who was under that mask.

“Thank you….Eddie.”




Venom and all characters © Marvel Comics







Traffic was going steady on the Washington State Bridge, the flashing lights illuminating the stone pillars. Inside a limo, a businessman named Obadiah Stane was going over papers while his driver ignored the angered call Stane was having.

“Listen here, Althea, I don’t give a rat’s ass about this sick little game of yours,” the businessman snapped. “I want no part of it! You hear me?.....Yes I know it’s a good thing if Stark loses but still: Leave. Me. Out of IT! Wait……what do you mean I can’t back out?”

Out of nowhere, something pieced the limo’s windshield and the Driver jerked.

“Phil? Is everything ok-?” Stane was suddenly thrown to the side of the car as the Driver slumped over, causing the limo to dangerously serve. There was no escape as the vehicle drove over the side, sending a screaming Stane to a watery grave.



Rich W. S.
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Just a nerd with WAY too much time on his hands.


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I'm sure you've seen me type a strange phrase and that phrase is.....Aregagaga. It's pronounced Ah-Ree-Gah-GahGah. It means nothing. Just gibberish. It first showed up back in October 2007 when Dad and I were talking about the upcoming Auto Show. When Dad was talking about cars, he said...

"And the new Pontiac AREGAGAGA!"

I was dumbfounded but the then-17 year old me broke out laughing and Dad's been yelling it out ever since.

And it is.

The Call of the Idiot!

The War Cry of the What the Hell?

Lord help me. XD
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1. You have to post these rules.

2. Each person has to share 13 things about them. How Unlucky.

3. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 new questions to the people you tag.

4. Choose 13 people. 

5. Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.

6. Not something like "You are tagged if you read that"

7. You have to legitimately tag 13 people.

8. You can't say that you don't do tags. Try and stop me.

9. Tag-backs are ALLOWED

10. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry.  (if you’ve got better things to do, I understand)

11. You have to finish this within a week. If not; you'll have to do whatever the creator tells you to. Art, RP, etc. I'm too impatient to let this take a week. XD

12. Be creative with the title. No "I've Got Tagged" things

13. Cussing is ALLOWED. Thank god! Otherwise I would have said "Fuck you!"

13 Facts about me:

1) I have anxiety issues.
2) Only child.
3) I've only owned 3 game systems that weren't Nintendo.
4) I can somewhat work even with gear25's rambling on Skype (No offense, bro. :rofl:)
5) Like my dad, I'm a Green Lantern and Flash fan.
6) Despite all the collectibles, I really don't spend a lot.
7) I have a caricature made by a cousin hanging over my desk.
8) My mom often calls me an "Affectionate Asshole". :XD:
9) Thinking up facts for these journals are a bitch.
10) I love watching Gmod lunacy courtesy of ChilledChaos, SeaNanners and GassyMexican.
11) Even with a slight beard, I am still mistaken as a teen. Recently, a sales clerk thought I was 16.
12) I'm running out of facts.
13) I ran out of facts.

general-sci questions:

1: If you were to share a favorite film with me, what would it be?

That is a good question. XD Maybe I'd subject you to all my Jackass DVDs. ;)

2: What is your opinion of science fiction?

I really don't care. ^^; I can say that for any other genre.

3: Do you prefer your films to be funny or serious?

I prefer an equal balance.

4: If you could visit any time in human history (and not interfere) what would it be?

The 1980's. XD

5: What inspires you the most to create (whether you write or illustrate)?

Anything I read or watch. Half the time, most of my ideas are the results of offhand jokes on Skype. :XD:

6: What is your favorite quote?

"That was fun, let's never do that again."
- Chris Pontius, Jackass Number Two (2006)

7: If you were to boil down your works and your stories into a single sentence, what would it be?

Art: Perveted shit from a nerd with way too much time on his hands.

Stories: Random thoughts from my head. :P

8: Do you prefer your heroes to prevail or experience tragedies? 

When they prevail over tragedies.

9: If some one were to purchase the rights to make your work a film, who would you hope would direct it?

I'm not sure. I'd say Tim Burton (an influence of mine. :))

10: Who would you cast to play your Original Character?

I have no idea. It's one question I truly have no answer for. :/

11: If you were to relate your story to a known myth or legend, what would it be?

I'm not familiar with a lot of myths. The only knowledge I have of Greek mythology is Disney's Hercules. XD

12: What happens if you give a mouse a cookie?

You have a mouse with a cookie. Duh! XD

13: Cross-over time. What well known-pop culture character could your OC take in a neck-to-neck fight?

Fly-Girl Vs. Spider-Man and/or Gwen.

BONUS QUESTION: Would your OC exercise mercy and let his/her opponent live, or would the opponent be executed?

Fly-Girl would spare them.

Some people I chose to tag:

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When commissioning me, do. Not. Directly. Send. Me. The. Money. XD

Thanks to an July 2015 update to PayPal's Terms of Service (TOS), they're a tad stingier about sending money as a gift when it comes to commissions. Stingy as in.....


Last thing I want to see is anyone get hit so when doing business with me, wait til I ask for your email so I can invoice you.
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Tagged by general-sci 

1)Choose one of your own characters.
2) Make them answer the following questions.
3) Then, tag three people. 
4) feel free to add some questions of your own.

Character: Zoe Richards

Mature Content

Zoe 2015 Profile WIP by AraghenXD

1) What gender are you?:
Zoe: Female. Hold on. *looks into her jeans* Yep, Definitely female.

2) What is your age?
Zoe: 19 but many say I don't act like it. I wonder where they get that idea from. ;)

3) Do you want a hug?
Zoe: Hugs for everyone! :squee:

4) Do you have any bad habits?
Zoe: :burp: Not that I'm aware of.

5) What is your favorite food?
Zoe: Feed me tacos! :hungry:

6) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Zoe: Blue Moon and no, not the kind where you stick your ass in the freezer. ;P

7) Are you a virgin?
Zoe: None of your damn business. :hmpfh: 

8) Have you killed anyone?
Zoe: Hell no! :stare: 

9) Do you hate anyone?
Zoe: Oh. Yes. :grump: Who? Rhymes with 'elen.

10) Do you have any secrets?
Zoe: I learned keeping secrets is a bitch so I refuse to keep them. :)

11) What is your favorite season?
Zoe: Fall. Love the cooling of the air....but the downside? Everyone around me starts wearing shoes and boots! :prettyplease: - NaNoEmo 5/30 No fair!

12) Who are your best friends?
Zoe: Well pretty much everyone who lives in the Dorm. My little sis, Lucy. My GF, Gina and her sis, Bri. Ashley, Eric and even Aphorba's (better wise known as Pervy to you guys ;P) former host, X'Eelia. One big perverted family! :dummy: :grouphug: 

13) What are your hobbies?
Zoe: Video games (which Bri regularly kicks my ass in), dancing and slightly good at cooking. ^^; Slightly as in not having to call the fire department. :P

14) What is your favorite drink?
Zoe: Mountain Dew. Gina says it might not be such a good idea with me but I'm not sure why. CCCAAAFFFFEEEIIIINNNEEEEEE 

15) When is your birthday?
Zoe: August 17th.

16) What age did you die?
Zoe: .....whadafaq?

17) Are you nice or mean?
Zoe: I'm bubbly but piss me off....... *forms a few nasty looking blades* Run. Innocent 

18) What do you think of your creator?
Zoe: I think he's........nuts. Remember, a character is sometimes a reflection of their creator. :XD: Long story short: I think he's nuttier than me.

19) What is your weakness?
Zoe: Sometimes I can take things too far. ^^; Joke wise and/or feet play wise.

20) How long can you stay under water?
Zoe: I don't like going underwater without a snorkel on. swim 

21) What do you do on a regular day basis?
Zoe: Well I got college and such. Even with Aphorba and such, things aren't that unusual. XD

22) Do you love someone?
Zoe: :blushes: Gina.

23) Does that person love you back?
Zoe: She better. ;) I'm kidding! She does. Snuggle Even if I do drive her

24) Do you like me?
Zoe: Well aside from asking if I've killed and or died, I don't mind ya. XD

25) What do you consider fun in the day time?
Zoe: Me + Gina + Her feet + Our bed = Fun. :horny:
26) At night?
Zoe: Read above.

27) Do you like meatballs?
Zoe: Meatballs and Gravy.....add German Noodles? I'll love ya for life! :hungry: If this is a dirty question, sorry boys. ;)

28) Are you gay?
Zoe: You haven't been listening to my answers, have you? ;)

29) What is your place of origin?
Zoe: Small community outside of Lainston, Maine, a city not far from the state capitol.

30) Large or small family?
Zoe: Pretty good sized. My grandfather has a few siblings while my grandma's family resides in her native Japan.

31) Who are your parents?
Zoe: Alan and Katlin Richards. :)

32) Which of your parents do you look more like?
Zoe: Well I got my Dad's hair color and Asian features while I have my mom's eye color. I'm just a mashup. :laughing:

33) Do you have a phobia?
Zoe: Fear of the dark. Large open dark areas.

34) Piercing/tattoos?
Zoe: And ruin this nice piece of ass in front of you? Not a chance. ;) ......that and I'm scared of needles and piercings. ^^;

35) Addicted to anything?
Zoe: Well I would say...... *sees Gina barefooted* Hello bare feet! :horny: revamp 

36) If you could say one thing to your creator right now, anything at all, what would it be?
Zoe: Get a life, you perverted ass. :XD:

37) If you were to choose who to tag, who would you choose?

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